Adventures With Baileys

We’ve purchased Baileys (our favourite tipple) in many an offie, Jack Carvill on Camden street ranked very high with us, they do have the best selection of strangely named beers, until one boring day we tripped into the Celtic Whiskey Shop, which I often pass via my Dawson Street shortcuts. This off license may look a bit twee on the outside, its name certainly doesn’t help, but on closer inspection this is a jewel! Not only did they give us free samples of 18 year old whiskey but they also have a huge array of exciting beverages in tiny bottles. When exams are over we plan to buy a handful and get twisted on Kirsch, Limoncello and of course Baileys.


One Comment on “Adventures With Baileys”

  1. sorcha says:

    Try their pinky vodka! So great. I love that shop

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