Time for Ice-cream

Now that summer’s here, it means that it’s perfectly acceptable to sit around all day, eating ice-creams. We’ve been pretty retro so far with our ice-cream choices – it’s been good old HB for us, more specifically Brunchs and Feasts. As far as summer ice-creams go, I don’t think you can really beat a Brunch for sheer entertainment. It has everything you could want – vanilla and strawberry ice cream mingled together in a pinkish swirl, and a garish pink and yellow biscuity covering to add texture and crunchy excitement.

If you feel as if you’ve exhausted the standard range of freezer-cabinet cones, then it’s probably time to take a trip to Botticelli in Templebar. It’s right by the central square, on the main walkway – they have an Italian style gelateria with a particularly delicious array of ice-cream to choose from – anything from Champagne & Strawberries to a Bounty bar inspired creation. If you’ve read our previous piece on macaroons, you’ll know my obsessive love of pistachio flavoured things, and are probably well aware of what I’m going to say next. Yes, there is a bright-green pistachio icecream on offer, and yes, it is the most delicious thing in the entire shop.

Knowing Ireland, it’ll probably rain solidly from June until next April, so make the most of the sun while it’s here, grab and icecream and sit the sun. What could be better?


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