Fixx Review

You may have noticed the new cafe thats popped up on the junction between Dawson and Molesworth Street. Being both inquisitive and greedy we decided to head along and sample some of the delights it had to offer. I played it safe and chose a latte while Cat shunned her usual americano for a cappuccino. Both were very satisfactory with the cappo taking the lead thanks to the yummy and artistically drawn chocolate flavoured design on the top. We shared a slice of Baileys cheesecake (you already know we have a weakness for Baileys) and it was tasty but not quite Queen Of Tarts standard. Other things we liked about Fixx was the plentiful seating, the very helpful and sweet staff and bright spacious interior.


One Comment on “Fixx Review”

  1. Dave Molloy says:

    Is this place run by the Bald Barista? They call their own coffee “Fixx” (and it’s amazing, has a really beautiful purple tint to the grinds). Sounds good, I will have to check it out!

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