Because this blog is powered by WordPress, it means that we can see what people have been searching for. For the last few days, we’ve noticed something slightly odd – a lot of people are typing ‘spanking’ into Google and finding their way onto our post about Gav Xmas’s latest mix. We were a bit curious as to how big our blog is in the spanking world, so we googled it. Sadly, Inky Wrists didn’t feature very highly, so it’s evidently just the hardcore spanking aficionados who are stumbling across us. However, we found lots of entertaining things, such as the picture above. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be, some sort of masked pervert with a predilection for spanking random women. Whatever turns you on, I suppose…


One Comment on “Spanking”

  1. smilingcynic says:

    Whatever tickles your fancy!

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