The Stars of the NHM!

Today I decided to pop into the Natural History Museum with a plan of doing some drawing. Put off by the masses of children, I ended up selecting the top 5 characters of the NHM. Drum roll please!

For me the clear winner was one of the larger bats. This one had upsettingly shriveled wings but its face really was outstanding.1st place!

2nd place was easily won by one of my all time faves; angry red monkey.

With prickles, huge teeth and the longest whiskers I’ve ever seen this *thing* was awarded a worthy 3rd place!

This reminds me all too much of the Mighty Boosh’s crack fox…4th place!

Round ears and a smile? 5th place!

And finally, Highly Commended was scooped by the broken-nosed shark!


3 Comments on “The Stars of the NHM!”

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