Knockanstockan-day 1

Not being able to drive, we thought we’d actually never get down to Knockanstockan. However we mangaged to find a shuttle bus (with the sweetest looking bus driver we’ve ever seen) and although we were waiting on it for two hours to even start its journey, our collection of mini liquors from The Celtic Whiskey Shop kept us entertained (also some Tinie Tempah eased the boredom a bit too)…

We managed to catch a good few of the bands on camera. We particularly liked Elastic Affair(see below and above)!

Elastic Affair-Stage 1 @ 10.00

Friend?-Stage 1 @ 9.00

Heres a few more pictures of Friday’s excitement…

Headliners, And So I Watch You From Afar, posed for Inky Wrists!(we have an interview with them on the way!)

We managed to count 5 people passed out on grass, our fave was the one below…


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