Knockanstockan-day 2

Saturday of Knockanstockan was initially slightly overshadowed by Becky’s choice in clothes, a jumpsuit that had more than a little hint of pajamas about it. After embracing the bed themed comments and christening it the Andy Pandy suit the day progressed well! We watched some truly amazing bands (see highlights of KnockStock posts). We also had an impromptu interview with New Secret Weapon who were seriously good craic (check out tomorrows video for more on these guys!) We also had an encounter with the Crutch Fox (think Mighty Boosh’s crack fox meets man on crutches, VERY unpleasant).

Pajamas or jumpsuit?

Pouring cans into cups-FAIL

Twilight at Knockanstockan

Best jumper we’ve ever seen!

Scarecrow Disco-Stage 1 @ 19:00

Ali & The Dts-Stage 1 @ 21:00


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