And So I Watch You From Afar

With all the hype surrounding the Belfast band ASIWYFA, we were pretty damn excited to meet the guys at Knockanstockan and ask them a few questions…

Congratulations for getting the headline slot at Knockanstockan! Have you played here before?

Thanks so much, it’s awesome to be asked to headline any show but festivals always seem that little more special, especially one as cool as this. The lineup is impeccable and there’s a heap of acts on there that work their asses off so we feel privileged to be a part of that.

Where did your name come from? Were you worried about picking a name that was so long?

Our name comes from a collection of words that when put together say “and so I watch you from afar”. Sorry. Nah it’s got a few meanings kicking around so let’s just let everyone take their own meaning. As for the length, it was one of the shorter names bandied about! Besides the acronym (asiwyfa), pronounced aseewhyfa seems to be taking over. If it ever makes the dictionary, job done! God knows what it would mean though.

What’s the music scene like in Belfast? Any other deadly bands we should be looking out for?

Heaps. LaFaro, Axis Of, Fighting With Wire, Team Fresh, Panama Kings, A Plastic Rose, Kasper Rosa, mojoFURY, Rams Pocket Radio, Robyn G Shiels, General Fiasco, Stand-up Guy, Not Squares, The Continuous Battle Of Order, how long have you got? The north in general is flourishing music-wise.

You supported Them Crooked Vultures, didn’t you? What was that like?

Yeah it was incredible. All those guys were responsible for some of our favourite ever music. To have them pick us personally is something else. I’m pretty sure we held our own and won a lot of new fans, after they’d figured out one of us wasn’t gonna burst into song!

Come on, you have to pick – Dave Grohl or Josh Homme?

John Paul Jones! He’s the daddy after all.

If you could be a superhero, who would it be? (We’ve been watching Kick-Ass a LOT lately, sorry about that)

Think I’d rather be a super villain, they tend to have more fun, until they get caught of course. Probably the Joker as I’m about as pale as him anyway.

There’s a photo of one of you (Rory? Tony?) on Wikipedia doing a pretty impressive pose whilst playing a guitar at Glasgowbury 2008… are all your gigs as action-packed as that one, or was Glasgo just special?

That was me, Tony, I kinda cringe when I see that pic! I’d actually fallen over thrashing around and ended up pulling a real cliched rock move totally by accident. But it was a big moment for us, headlining Glasgowbury 2009. Don’t believe everything you read on Wikipedia, especially ours!

What’s been the single best moment that you’ve had as a band?

Our album launch was pretty special, that said so was Glasgowbury, plus Pukkelpop last year. There’s too many to choose from! We’ve been very lucky in that respect, being in this band is pretty much one big great moment, let’s hope it lasts!

What are your plans for the coming year?

Recording the new album, touring like beasts, playing new countries, generally tearing up as many places as we can. Business as usual, only on a bigger scale this time we hope! Progression is the enemy of stagnation.


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