Inky adventures in Reads

Here at Inky Wrists we have decided that we are going to do a series of adventures where we unveil the best…and worst…of Dublin businesses.

Our first victim was Reads Print and Design Centre on Nassau Street, after we finally  decided to give in and get some business cards made. Off we trekked with dodgy USB stick in hand (it was actually a voice recorder) and no idea how one goes about getting a business card. This all changed after we met Conri and his lovely co-worker (whose name we unfortunately can’t remember). After finally getting called into the office and surprisingly gettting the USB stick to work, we learnt two things: firstly, the most craziest memory stick they’ve ever had the joy of working with was encrusted in 50 Cent style gems, and secondly, they are definitely a contender for the nicest company in Dublin.  

When they saw our business card design, they seemed fairly curious,  and we spent the next while trying to describe exactly what Inky Wrists is; “a blog thing” was our best offer. In the end Conri decided to log onto Inky Wrists, whereupon the office was assailed by the Stars of the Natural History Museum post (which we recently learnt that the girls of have been loving!). We certainly got enough business cards to keep us going for a while and Reads have earnt a very special Inky recommendation!

Next adventure…Inky Wrists hit Knobs and Knockers in the search for the best Irish business…


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