Rds Horse Show-Best Stands!

One of the Horse Shows strongest attractions are the numerous stands to browse through, with everything from stables to whips we decided to pick out our top three! We advise those heading to the show this year to check out…

The Wood Green Stand -Outside the main exhibition hall.

It was hard to get through to excited children to even get a chance to chat to the owner, but when we did we learnt that the “Find The Bone” game was in aid of the Wood Green animal Shelter, a charity that takes in abandoned and lost animals and cares for them. The prizes were an assortment of seriously swanky stuffed toys (to be honest we kinda wanted one) and although it cost between €5-10, your chances at winning seemed pretty high and the cause was more than worthy.  Top marks and first place!!!

O’Donnells- Main Exhibition Hall

A stall about crisps seem an unlikely candidate for Best Stand at a horse show but we couldn’t resist how lovely the stall owner was (plus the crisps were pretty good too!). Authentically hand cooked in Tipperary, definitely stop off here for some yummy samples! Second place!

Fosters-Main Exhibition Hall

It took a lot to get these two to pose for a picture but when we lured them with the honour of being featured in our Best Stands of the RDS  they couldn’t resist! Fosters is the place to go to stock up on all sorts of chocolate, sweets and (my personal fave) honeycomb! Tasty!


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