The Kitten Mitten

Urban Outfitters always has exciting things in their home-wear/misc section (sketch-a-bush was worryingly addictive), however the kitten mitten takes the biscuit. A glove with a mouse on a string on each finger tip that lures cats into a playtime frenzy! We think this is one we will have to buy and we have the perfect candidate to test it on too. Girl Cat (yes that’s her name) has been around at our family home for over two years now and still remains the most unfriendly feline we’ve ever met. No amount of cat biscuits, meow noises or stroking can lure her into normal cordial behaviour. Will the kitten mitten be her downfall? Watch this space for the results!!


2 Comments on “The Kitten Mitten”

  1. kellebelle says:

    Haha! Omg that is brilliant. I must have it. NOW.

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