Vote now!

HWCH is one of the best and most exciting festivals to hit Dublin. Last year Inky Wrists went on an interview and video-ing bender and had the time of our lives with our friend Albert (more on him here)!  As you can imagine we are very excited for HWCH 2010. Already, 100 bands have been chosen but one final band has yet to be selected and this year its up to you who gets it! Chose between Robotnik, Junah, The Koubas, Maud in Cahoots or Johnny Rep. You can vote over on Facebook until the 2nd of September so get listening and get clicking! Need help selecting? We advise Robotnik, whose insanely entertaining gigs are definitely worth witnessing!


2 Comments on “Vote now!”

  1. Paul says:

    Hey guys, thanks for the heads up 🙂 Although I would highly recommend the amazingly talented bunch from junah over robotnick. seriously, i’ve seen these lads a good few times now, they’re just getting better and better every time i see them. the last gig they played in whelans was fricking fantastic. best of luck to all the bands though 🙂 Paul W.

  2. inkywrists says:

    Thanks for the comment Paul! Yeah it will be interesting to see who gets the slot!

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