Rose of Tralee Festival

It’s Rose of Tralee time and one half of Inky Wrists happened to be in Tralee to witness the fun. It was the first time Catriona had been in Kerry, and it was certainly quite an experience, mainly thanks to the retro style of the Grand Hotel in Tralee (see the above picture for an idea of what the lobby looked like!). It was also the launch of Jigsaw Kerry, an initiative set up to promote mental health in young people. Judging from the number of people in Jigsaw hoodies and wristbands, the entire town seemed to be promoting the organization. Check out the video below to see what the opening night looked like!


4 Comments on “Rose of Tralee Festival”

  1. That picture is really freaky…..I think I’m going to avoid Tralee…. 😛

    • Catriona says:

      i know, i freaked out completely when i saw it…noone else seemed affected by it, i couldn’t work it out!

  2. sophie says:

    if you thought that painting was bad…

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