The Beach

This weekend, we both found ourselves at the beach. Most of our recent seaside experiences have coincided with night time beach parties, so visiting it in the day came as a bit of a shock to the system. Our main excitement came from repeatedly dashing in and out of the sea (yes, not unlike a dog) – we probably could have continued in this way for much longer but we were chased off by an old lady who seemed to think we were too happy. After that we decided to try out the Sparkly Eyes technique: it turned out to be easier than we thought and we managed to lure a couple of tourists to a fake exit. We then left, walking smugly along the wooden planks to the carpark, whilst they were floundering about the sand dunes. Watching Men Who Stare at Goats last Friday was definitely a life-changing experience.


4 Comments on “The Beach”

  1. Tim says:

    for a more intense & indeed potentially fatal version of the ‘sparkly eyes’ method of persuasion, try ‘spicy eyeballs’.

    first, get yourself a spray-ey bottle of windowlene or whatever. then ambush your victim with a shot to the face from the chemical cleaning product of your choice. obviously while shouting ‘spicy eyeballs’.

    note that ‘spicy’ is spelled ‘spicy’, & not ‘spicey’. this is important apparently.

    actually now that i think of it this really is quite different to ‘sparkly eyes’. it’s more like a sport. & a rather nasty sport at that.

    yes, this kind of wanton sadism is all that men get up to when you leave us on our own for too long. as the old saying goes: “a game of spicy eyeballs leaves everyone blind.”

    • Catriona says:

      i have a feeling that you already told me about that… i still prefer sparkly eyes though!

  2. BeckyDazzler says:

    Im still in shock at how great we are at sparkly eyes!! Although we did add in a bit of blue steel for the extra lure factor!

  3. Tim says:

    yeah…i just figured all yr lovely readers should hear about this danger-sport as well. i’m scared, though – between sparkly eyes (w/a dash of blue steel) & my general passiveness i’m going to be utterly powerless from now on.

    speaking of sparkly eyes, i should definitely have used it on da yesterday while driving. that’ll teach him to tell me to take the handbrake off…

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