Reeling in the Years

They’re re-showing Reeling in the Years on RTE at the moment, and we’ve fallen into an awful habit of becoming mesmerised by the soundtrack of each episode, which is themed with music from the same year as the archive footage. Reeling in the Years has been responsible for us hunting down all manner of super-retro gems on YouTube, which we’re now going to share with you, whether you like it or not…

First up are the one-hit wonders with a frankly insane music video… it’s Men Without Hats – ‘The Safety Dance’, 1983.

Secondly, it’s yer one from The Undertones, doing Eighties-tastic pop… Fergal Sharkey with ‘A Good Heart’, 1985.

Last but not least, ‘Rat Trap’ by the Boomtown Rats from way back in 1978. Fantastic song. And Bob’s hair looks so shiny and well-conditioned compared to the grizzy mane he’s currently sporting…


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