Teenage Dream

I quite like Katy Perry. Her tongue in check fashion sense and pop-tastic ditties are usually pretty fun (albeit in small doses). Hence, when I heard that her second album, Teenage Dream was out I had to get a listen. The album so far has had mixed reviews from the press and Perry fans, hardly surprising since the album jumps from the absurd to the obvious. “Peacock” is worth a listen for the ridiculous OTT lyrics alone. However, as usual, Perry manages to make each song impossibly catchy, making Teenage Dream an overall enjoyable listen. Check out our video review and attempt at singing “Peacock” here.


4 Comments on “Teenage Dream”

  1. Catriona says:

    yeah, i really wasn’t a fan of Peacock… probably wasn’t the best choice of opening track!

  2. kellebelle says:

    I love her new album. Hummingbird Heatbeat, ET and Teenage Dream are my faves!

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