WTF Weather?!

Okay, we know that the weather here in Ireland is a bit crazy, but today really took the biscuit. The morning started off with torrential showers. Decked out in layers of knitwear, hat and an umbrella, I trudged up to college and got pretty wet on the way. When I was almost there it got hot. Really hot. And sunny. I was now tangled in wet wool and exhausted from the huge walk up to Thomas street (grr NCAD). When I had finally dried off and done my library stint, I headed back home. The sun was still out so I removed my hat, only to get a massive wetting from an overhead drain…. Not impressed!


2 Comments on “WTF Weather?!”

  1. kellebelle says:

    Talk about shocking weather! When I left for work it was lovely and sunny so sieve brain here left her brolly at home… not a good idea. Got soaked on my lunch break! Where’s summer gone?!

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