Absolut Fringe

The Fringe Festival is well underway, and we’re spoilt for choice with over a hundred acts in this year’s line-up. We’re particularly excited about what’s going on down at Smock Alley, which has a couple of fantastic shows on as part of the festival. Tonight’s your last night to see one of these three brilliant plays, so use whatever means possible to get your hands on a ticket!

Soh. Spilt Gin have been pinpointed in the Irish media as ones to watch, and there’s certainly no doubt that director Maeve Stone and writer James Hickson are a talented duo, judging by their success at last year’s Fringe with Andy Warhol’s Nothing Special. This is a play about love missed and love messed, love made and love broken.

Heroin. Expect something completely original, which undermines and questions the traditional vocabulary that surrounds the Irish way of talking about drugs. Grace Dyas’ new play is an explosion of the social history of heroin in Ireland over the last forty years, and should be an eye-opening experience.

Shane Byrne Left His Sleeping Bag in the Car Again… Who could resist a show with a title like this one? Again, Shane is no stranger to the Fringe, having been nominated for a Spirit of the Fringe Award for ‘Group Therapy for One’, and is returning with his latest show, a compelling look at what you’ve left behind, and what you wish you’d kept.


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