The Runaways

There’s been so much hype about The Runaways that we felt duty-bound to see it. I’ve been a fan of Joan Jett for years, and I like her as much as I dislike Kristin Stewart in Twilight (the twitching…the deadpan stare…I can’t bear it), so the prospect of the two merging together was pretty terrifying. The film was unexpectedly good, much better than either of us had been anticipating. The overall atmosphere of the film was redolent of Sofia Coppola’s work (think Virgin Suicides not Marie Antoinette), the costumes were great, and the raw plot of the biopic was interesting enough in its own right. Dakota Fanning played a convincing Cherie Currie, and Kristin Stewart was actually quite a good Joan Jett, which forced me to admit that she might actually possess some acting ability. Well worth seeing.


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