Pyjama Girls

We last blogged about the Irish documentary Pyjama Girls back in April when it was showing in IFI as part of the Stranger Than Fiction film festival. It may be six months later but finally we had a chance to see it. Stumbling into Cineworld on a rainy afternoon, Pyjama Girls was definitely the pick of the bunch (Efron’s Charlie Cloud was hardly a contender). Set in Ballyfermot, the camera follows school drop out Lauren and her best friend Tara as they live their rather turbulent lives. The unusual subject certainly makes for eye opening viewing and more than just shines a light on the bizarre pyjama trend.The fact this small topical documentary has now made it’s way to one of Dublin’s largest cinemas speaks for itself. One to watch.


One Comment on “Pyjama Girls”

  1. kellebelle says:

    I’d like to see that alright – looks interesting. Saw the poster in a coffee shop, but didn’t realise it was a doc!
    Hate the pyjama trend tho!

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