Ice Skating at Arnotts

One of our favourite ways to welcome the festive season is to go ice skating. Neither of us are any good, but there is no better way to break in our A.A cord skating skirts. This year we tried out Arnotts roof top skating. Whilst the pros were an almost empty rink and very handy location, we weren’t too impressed that the so-called ice was actually PLASTIC!!! If you fancy going, an hour long session is €11 (for a student) and the rink is open 9.30-8.30 until January 23rd. Note: on further research, the plastic is actually eco-ice that is meant to be easier to skate on (not in my case anyway) and safer (why?).


One Comment on “Ice Skating at Arnotts”

  1. Eliza says:

    Hello there,

    I tried the ice skating on the rooftop of Arnotts yesterday and was not impressed. I’ve done some ice skating over the years, and while I was never amazing at it, I could actually skate a little. Unlike on this plastic stuff. I couldn’t get it together at all.

    Definitely don’t think it’s easier than real ice.

    Really wish we had a real ice rink in Dublin. I’d love to be able to go skating regularly.

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