Snow Time

All this snow has thrown us into a fit of early Christmas enthusiasm. Usually, when the snow shows up (if it does at all), it’s January, Christmas has been and gone and everyone’s depressed about going back to work and failing once again to keep their New Year’s resolutions. Not this year! It’s still only November, so we’re using the snow as an excuse to get extra Christmassy and to stock up on some early supplies. Here’s what’s on our shopping list…


Buying Toblerones never fails to make things seem Christmassy. Was it just us, or did other people get Toblerones in their Christmas stockings too? We have fond memories of trying to eat our way through a massive bar and spending Christmas day feeling epically sick. Same thing applies to chocolate coins – Thornton’s do the best ones.


The smell of them reminds us of Christmas morning, and they’re probably a healthier alternative to all the chocolate we’ll have been eating. We’re sort of tempted to stick cloves in them like we had to do in primary school, which makes them smell even more festive, but the downside is that it kind of stops you from eating them (I did try it once, it wasn’t pleasant).

Christmas Alcohol.

You didn’t really think we’d leave this out, did you? Like the chocolate, Christmas alcohol is different to regular alcohol. At Christmas time, your standard bottle of vodka just won’t cut it – the drink selection has to be a little more granny-appropriate (although we suspect that our own grandmother would prefer the vodka). Port is top of our list – Marks and Spencers sell really cheap port which is also extremely nice. Baileys is also a Christmas must-have. Mulled wine, obviously, that goes without saying, and finally, Harvey’s Bristol Cream: if you haven’t tried this sherry, you must. Although we drink it all the year round, it’s Christmas fun in a bottle, we promise you.


3 Comments on “Snow Time”

  1. BBrian says:

    Christmas lights, tinsel, Quality Street, Danish Butter Cookies, Santa hats, Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, bottled Guinness.

  2. BBrian says:

    Advent calendars!

  3. Conor O'K says:

    Mince pies, always mince pies, homemade of course.

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