Look at What the Light Did Now

Last night we watched the new documentary about the making of Feist’s album The Reminder and the ensuing tour and were completely blown away by (a) how visually interesting her stage sets were and (b) how unbelievably cool Leslie Feist is. The documentary was shaped around the stage sets that evolved for that tour, which formed a visual backdrop for much of the film. Uncomfortable with being the focus of so much attention and having so much unused space above her head during her live shows, Feist enlisted shadow puppet artist Clea Minaker to provide a visual interpretation of her music. Minaker began to explore a combination of techniques, some of them surprisingly simple, using prisms, paper cut outs and drawing patterns in wet clay to cast a series of silhouettes and projections which gave The Reminder tour such a visual impact. The film also looked at Feist’s collaborations with Patrick Daughters, who shot the videos for  “1234” and “I Feel it All”, and Mary Rozzi, who took the photograph for the album cover. It was interesting to see to what extent the collaborations shaped the feel of the album, and how willing Feist was to let the various artists place their own interpretation on her music – something that was reflected in the way that the album itself was recorded; with Feist bringing in a number of different musicians to create a complex and raw album, woven out of a number of unlikely threads (the highlight had to be the bowl of peanuts used as percussion).

It was a fantastic documentary, we can’t recommend it enough. Ten out of ten!


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