From bad to worse…

This Christmas has been quite a hard one here in Wicklow. The snow and ice has meant a lot of time indoors and not much else. To try and alleviate some of the utter boredom we both decided to embark on some Christmas cheer and bring out the mulled wine and carols. An hour later things had gotten pretty messy, we were singing along to Youtube’s finest Christmas karaokes and I decided some hand actions were in order. Mistake. My swinging arm caught on the side of the full wine glass making it fly into the air and spew sticky mulled wine all over Catriona’s Mac Book Pro…Needless to say it hasn’t come out of it’s coma yet. Apple, if you are reading this, please donate a new laptop!!


3 Comments on “From bad to worse…”

  1. Soooali says:

    Uh oh, I bet you’re in the bad books now!

  2. […] Catriona walking two miles to the nearest shop to buy a turkey (read our snowy adventures here and here). We also had flights cancelled, trains delayed, toes almost freezed off but the thing that kept us […]

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