Retrospect-Best albums of 2010

Despite the new year being only nine days old, there is already an influx of fresh releases to feast our ears on . So before we reload our ipods with the sounds of 2011, we thought we’d look back and remember our favourite albums of yesteryear.


CEO-White Magic: One of the true delights of the year. Fresh and innocently joyful, this will continue to accompany me into 2011.

Sleigh Bells-Treats: The soundtrack to summer delivered with an unapologetic spat out jumble of riffs, drums and sweet vocals.

Vampire Weekend-Contra: We were delighted that VW returned with more of what we fell for in their debut.

The Walkmen-Lisbon: An amazing band that seem to do no wrong and create throughly enjoyable albums.

Charlotte Gainsbourg-IRM: A surprise departure from her saccharine drowned debut, Gainbourg’s follow up was original and orchestral.

Deerhunter-Halcyon Digest: Soft and whisperingly sweet rock and a real simple pleasure to listen to.

Warpaint-The Fool: A girl band that combines The XX’s gaspy, sensuous vocals with a bad girl edge. A rhythmic and thoughtful album.



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