We heart…

1. Shirts. Not something that we’re usually found in, but after some really good finds in the sales, we’ve become quite enamoured of the good ole shirt. Teamed with a pair of cut-offs, this is definitely going to be a wardrobe staple for spring!

2.Laptop cases. Having carried my laptop around in a nasty, oversized black laptop case for the last year, the super-cute Cath Kidston laptop cover certainly made my Christmas (although its usefulness was temporarily lessened by an unfortunate festive accident).

3.Peanut M&Ms. Somehow we’ve managed to convince ourselves that they’re the healthy option, since they contain peanuts. I’m not sure how we arrived at that conclusion, but there you go. Anyway, they’re delicious, and come in different colours, so you never get tired of eating them.

4. Raw Carrots. Yes, the reason I chose to include raw carrots WAS to counterbalance the M&Ms. But seriously, carrots seem to be overlooked as a snack food, and we’re not sure why. They’re bright orange, good for you, and are ridiculously cheap. Maybe it’s the seasonal affective disorder kicking in, but we’ve become addicted to them recently.

5.Post-It Notes. I’m not proud to admit this, but I couldn’t function without post-it notes. This may be emblematic of how pathetic my life has become, but every morning I write a long, detailed and exceedingly boring list of things I have to do and then cross the tasks off, one by one, feeling a little rush of elation every time I do so. Sad, but true.


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