Valentine’s Day

Having gone through periods of hating Valentine’s Day, both of us now quite like it. If you think about it, what other celebration offers the opportunity for so much blatant kitschness? If the marketing powers-that-be want to dedicate a day specifically to love (manifesting itself in chocolates, cards and bunches of flowers) then we’re not going to complain. Winter’s been far too long, so anything that heralds spring is more than welcome! This morning, I was up unfeasibly early, as I had to drop a batch of cakes over to the bake sale that my class are having to raise money for our conference that we’re running this easter. As my kitchen facilities are especially dire, my culinary endeavours were restricted to Valentine’s themed Rice Krispie cakes. I’m not sure if they even qualify as “cakes”, but under the circumstances, they’ll just have to do!


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