Mr Scruff

Saturday began in a laid-back manner,and strangely enough, it ended in the same way. Mr Scruff was playing a five hour DJ set in the Junction, and an unplanned visit meant that we got to drop by to finally  hear the Manchester DJ in action. Seeing Mr Scruff was definitely all about the atmosphere – this wasn’t a regular gig, as people were relatively evenly spaced out, not concertinaing towards the front, while the length of the set ensured that a more chilled out atmosphere prevailed, in keeping with Mr Scruff’s music. The visuals played a big part – with simple black and white drawings and slogans by Mr Scruff complementing the tracks. The tea shop was definitely an inspired addition to the set and it’s easy to see why the touring tea shop has become such a hit with Mr Scruff fans. We liked the fact that there was even soya milk and some homemade brownies and biscuits, alongside the cups of tea. This is definitely something that other musicians need to copy!

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