Stables Market

Yesterday started out in a very relaxed fashion with a trip to Camden and a stroll around the Stables Market. Because it was raining, the main priority was dodging massive splodges of water that were finding their way through gaps in the tarpaulins that protected the outdoor stalls. Still, it didn’t detract from the excitement of rummaging through piles of vintage clothing, cheap and cheerful antiques and all the usual market-type fare. The prize for the strangest stand definitely goes to the place which was offering fish pedicures. Last year, we’d read something about miniature carp being used in a couple of upmarket beauty salons to nibble off dead skin from customers’ feet (gross, we know) but obviously Camden’s bringing it to a wider audience. Despite it being very eye-catching, the idea of a fish pedicure was still in no way tempting.

Other highlights included the maze of cute second hand clothes stalls (we noticed a lot of good vintage menswear, in particular), a delicious pot of mint tea, and the gem of an antique shop which nestled in between the furniture shops in the quieter part of the outside area (not very specific, I know). Think lots of 1930s-1950s postcards, old match boxes (complete with matches), vintage tobacco tins and a display dedicated entirely to ‘curiosity cats’ – a collection of china cats surrounded by photographs of felines with odd expressions. The staff are dressed up as maids, continuing the slightly eccentric theme, so that might be the best way of figuring out which stall it is, if you’re on a mission to track it down!


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