Royal Wedding Lethargy

Thank god the Royal Wedding is finally here, because I can’t take the hype any longer. To begin with, it was fun. I purchased a Corgi Royal Wedding teatowel and was quite amused to be in England for the whole royal wedding thing. That was at the start of March. The Will and Kate craziness has kept coming since then, without any let-up whatsoever.

I feel a bit bad for giving up on it now. If I’d just kept my enthusiasm for it for one more day, the whole sodding event would have been over, and I could have watched it on the telly like any normal person. But, after last night, I hit my saturation point when I saw the above “Willy’s Crown Jewels” ale for sale in a local pub. Yes, I took a picture, but only to record how mental things have got over here. I can’t take it any more. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care what kind of dress Kate Middleton eventually decided on. I’m spending the day in a state of denial. Please, no more.


One Comment on “Royal Wedding Lethargy”

  1. inkywrists says:

    Mind you Cat, Catherine is now Duchess of Cambridgeshire…Things can only get worse!

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