The Honey Badger(s)


Cut Copy-Zonoscope

Still a favourite.

M83-Hurry up We’re Dreaming.

St.Vincent-Strange Mercy

Worth the hype? Yes.

Plots and Plans… and why we’ve been so silent.

Regular readers will notice that our posts have become increasingly few and far between. The truth is, that although we’ve tried to disguise it, we’ve been physically separated for the past year, which has meant that our Inky Adventures category has been looking a little sparse. Still, despite geographical constraints, we’re not letting our beloved Inky Wrists die the slow and lingering death of a neglected blog just yet. Rest assured, we have some plans brewing, and soon, you’re going to have a BRAND NEW AND REVAMPED version 3.0 of Inky Wrists thrust upon you. We’re pretty excited about it, and trust us, you should be too!

Stay tuned for more news…

Cigarette Envy

How much do we want a packet of these beauties? They’re called Pink Elephants, are vanilla flavoured and are only available in France, apparently. So pretty!

Mr Little Jeans- Arcade Fire Cover

Our new love Mr Little Jeans cover of Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs.