Rimini Riddle

riminy riddle


Right, this blog post was necessary, someone needs to talk about the frankly terrifying children’s television series that appeared in the early to mid Nineties and left god knows how many children scarred for life, me included.

There’s barely any information on Rimini Riddle on the internet: if it wasn’t for the stuff on Boards.ie, I’d still be wondering if it was a figment of my imagination, since the programme has disappeared off the radar with remarkable efficiency. I suppose it’s hardly surprising that RTE aren’t showing any re-runs, it’s not exactly the sort of programme that anyone should have shown children the first time around.

Here’s the basic plot of the story, from what I can remember and from the fragments of information online:

It was a puppet show about these three children who were sent to live with their Aunt Vera, who ran a guesthouse.  The youngest kid was called Leo, and another was called Rory. I have a feeling that the third child could have been a girl, but those puppets were fairly asexual to look at, so I’m not really sure.  Leo had a stuffed toy called Otto who came alive when the others wern’t looking. And it was an EVIL possessed toy as well, which made it so much worse.

There was a picture in the sitting room of two girls beside the sea, and it would come alive and occasionally the children would go into the picture. It turned out that the two girls in the picture had both died from drowning, and I think that they may have been related to the children, though again, I’m not sure.

As if that wasn’t enough, there was a really creepy man called Jeffrey who came to the guesthouse who wanted to marry their aunt, but only so that he could take her money. The dead girls in the picture figured out what was going on and alerted the children. I think the man ended up getting trapped in the picture.

Other random facts about Rimini Riddle:

There were two series.

There’s no evidence to suggest that it came to any sort of conclusion, if anyone knows what the riddle was or if it was solved, please, please, leave a comment.

Claudia Carroll (Nicola from Fair City) was one of the girls in the painting.

The worst part about the programme was its downright creepiness and the way it made you feel as if you were going mad. Everyone that can remember it seems to share this view, including the people that I’ve talked to about it. Whenever I mention Rimini Riddle, the people who remember it seem to either hyperventilate, have a panic attack, or confess to a phobia of puppets.

Dominic Moore was the puppeteer – he’s done a lot of work for RTE, including the puppets for the Morbegs, and Marie Hannigan (who wrote for Fair City) wrote at least some of it.

If anyone can remember anymore about Rimini Riddle, please leave a comment…  it would help a lot. In the interim, I guess I’ll just carry on ranting on about it to anyone who’ll listen to me…


11 Comments on “Rimini Riddle”

  1. Scruff says:

    I seem to recall the kids being on trial in Otto’s dimension and about to be executed.
    The entire show and the puppet’s super-deformed style felt like a bad trip.
    The petition to make RTE start showing it late night starts here.

  2. Maz says:

    I was convinced I was going mad. No one believed me when I said this show existed. I emailed RTE looking for some confirmation that this isn’t a countrywide hallucination, but no word back yet. Holy God – that was one brillant messed up show.

    • Catriona says:

      Yeah, I emailed rte as well – I tried to get some footage from the archives so I could put it up on the blog. They told me it would cost an insane amount of money to request archive footage and also, it would be illegal for me to post it. I still live in hope though. One day, I’ll be able to relive the childhood trauma…

  3. Maz says:

    I want to subject my five year old niece to it. I think it was an important learning curve.

  4. Dominic Moore says:

    Hi guys,

    I am the very Dominic Moore ye speak of, and came across this blog a few days ago.
    I’m a computer luddite so I’ll just post here.
    I’d be thrilled to talk to anyone re Rimini….

  5. Dominic Moore says:

    Hi guys,

    Dommo here, got your message, and if you want to do something this weekend, just contact me at my e-mail.
    I’ll be at home and less up the walls (notice the time I’m sending this:-))

    All the best

  6. rachael harten says:

    Guys that programme scarred me as a child, gave me so many nightmares, as a result I now freak when I see puppets or weird looking rag type dolls. I had forgotten the name of it until a friend mentioned it on facebook.

  7. Barry O'Brien says:

    Does any have it on DVD i’d love to c it again?

  8. Crazy stuff. I only remember one episode that gave me many nightmares. Aunt Vera was told she’d turn into what she hated most, then we were left in suspense for a week to find out what.
    The combination of these freaky looking characters and the possibility of all things evil terrified me to my very soul!!!

    …She turned into a child in the end. Bit of an anti-climax

  9. Aoife says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aj83EfAuAos just in case ya havent seen it … but this is the only bit of footage i can find anywhere.

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